CAPAL Alum Spotlight: Jin Ohm ’12

Jin Ohm - CAPAL Profile Pic

I was intertwined with CAPAL the moment I moved to Washington, DC. At that time, I joined former chair and current Advisory Council member Priscilla Baek at the Department of Treasury – Office of Financial Research (OFR). After joining OFR, I understood how underrepresented Asian Americans are in the public sector and how hard it is to get a job in the field. Prior to joining the board, I worked in the private sector, so CAPAL provided me the opportunity to explore the careers and challenges faced by the public sector.

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My Experience at CAPAL as an Intern for a Day: Nyana Quashie

Capal 3

So you’ve been to CAPAL’s happy hours and professional development programs. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when you’re not around? This month, I had the chance to see the action firsthand as part of University of Maryland’s Intern for A Day program. You’ll get an insider’s view into my experience right here on this blog.

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