The Community Action Project (CAP) is a collaborative effort between CAPAL Scholars and Interns to build leadership and public policy knowledge and involvement within the Asian Pacific American community, in service of the mission to CAPAL. Scholars and interns will work together to develop tangible ways to connect and engage in initiatives important to them.

Team Vote

Team Vot 2016 Community Action Projects

Topic: Voter Engagement
Team members: Janny Jang, Stephanie Xiao, Leangelo Acuna, Allen Lo

Goal: To showcase how all issues, including those that are not considered “traditionally AAPI” are relevant to our community and can impact voter engagement of the generally untapped political power of AAPIs. They want to create a holistic image of AAPI issues but also to deconstruct them to uncover the less talked about issues.

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Team Intersectionality

Team Intersectionality 01 2016 Community Action Projects

Topic: The Intersectionality of Asian and African Americans
Team members: Megan Matthew, Peter Liu, Devin Tran, Stephanie Xiao, Grace Kim

Goal: To provide a history that weaves the relatively short history of Asian Americans with that of black America. To allow others to see how relations between these two groups were shaped through history and what Asian and black solidarity can look like in the upcoming years.

Check out their presentation here.

Team AAPI Women

Team AAPI Women 01 2016 Community Action Projects

Topic: Fetishization of AAPI Women
Team members: Nancy Luo, Abigail Wang, Sylvia Guan, Ashley Truong,

Goal: To give AAPI women an opportunity to speak about the fetishization and marginalization of their identities to bring more awareness to the complexity of race and gender in their lives.

Check out their presentation here.

Team Environment

Team Environment 01 2016 Community Action Projects

Topic: The Importance of Racial Diversity Across Environmental Government Agencies, NGOs, and Foundations.
Team members: Divina Li, Victoria Vong, Philip Samuel

Goal: To examine real examples of environmental injustice – the historic Warren County PCB landfill, Richmond CA’s Chevron Oil dispute, and D.C. Chinatown’s gentrification – and to reveal how race or nationality of victims, as well as of the organizations and agencies trying to help, can impact outcomes in disadvantageous and unfair ways.

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Team Immigration

Team Immigration 01 2016 Community Action Projects

Topic: Impact of DACA/DAPA on the AAPI community
Team members: Borahmie Chon, Michael Yee, Celine Nguyen, Sophia Fang

Goal: Educate others on the issues surrounding DACA/DAPA and its effect on AAPIs in this country, and provide a way for others to understand the impact of immigration policy from the perspective of those that the policy affects on a day to day basis.

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Team AAPI Allies

Team AAPI Allies 01 2016 Community Action Projects

Topic: LGBTQ AAPI Allyship and Nonprofit Advocacy
Team members: Miru Osuga, Sooji Yang, Olivia Flechsig, Tien Weber, Rosa Keller, Marisa Paipongna

Goal: To bring LGBTQ allies into a conversation on the the diversity of the AAPI community when it comes to gender and sexual identity. To highlight the importance of nonprofit or advocacy work within this sphere. To be a proactive call for action in supporting our LGBTQ brothers, sisters, and non-binary siblings.

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Team on the Hill

Team on the Hill 01 2016 Community Action Projects

Topic: AAPI Representation on Capitol Hill
Team members:  Felicia Wong, Bichnga Do, Juhi Patel, Rachel Chiu

Goal: To illuminate the current state of AAPI representation on the hill and point towards how the AAPI community can affect change on the hill and vice versa to “progress” AAPI-significant issues.

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