Jin Ohm - CAPAL Profile Pic

I was intertwined with CAPAL the moment I moved to Washington, DC. At that time, I joined former chair and current Advisory Council member Priscilla Baek at the Department of Treasury – Office of Financial Research (OFR). After joining OFR, I understood how underrepresented Asian Americans are in the public sector and how hard it is to get a job in the field. Prior to joining the board, I worked in the private sector, so CAPAL provided me the opportunity to explore the careers and challenges faced by the public sector.

CAPAL’s board is made up of all volunteers which speaks to the quality of people on the board. Every board member was there to make a difference in the community. My fellow University of Illinois alumni, Andrew Han and Josh Han served on CAPAL’s board from 2009-2010. In addition, my roommate John Kim, another University of Illinois alum and former board member, was in the same master’s program with Priscilla Baek and former board member Caroline Kwon (Paik) at the University of Hawaii. We all served on CAPAL’s board together.

CAPAL continues to stay relevant in the AAPI community because CAPAL advocates the need – a pipeline for Asian Americans to enter into the public sector. CAPAL’s success can be contributed to the generations of board members and scholars and interns who have stayed connected with CAPAL and forged relationships with the community over the years. Its focus on the new generation of leaders in the public sector is unique in the community.

Although I’m no longer in the public sector, this experience has shaped where I am and who I am today. It provided me the experiences to pursue a different path in my life.

Jin Ohm served as a CAPAL board member in 2011 and Vice President of External Relations in 2012. Currently, he works as a Data Engineer within Enterprise Information Systems division at Major League Baseball Advanced Media focusing on data warehousing and advanced data analytics such as targeted marketing and connective media analysis as well as providing internal and partner reporting using business intelligence and data visualizations.  Previously, he worked as a Financial Data Specialist at the Department of Treasury – Office of Financial Research focusing on technology and data analytics to ensure financial stability and systemic risk. Jin graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering.