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Our CAPAL Intern Spotlight is Emily Chong, a recent graduate from Vanderbilt University, and attending Georgetown Law in the Fall. This summer she is interning at the National Credit Union Association (NCUA).

What are your main responsibilities at your position? What are some of your big projects?

My placement is in the Program Management division of the Office of the Chief Information Officer at NCUA. The program management division is a relatively new section within NCUA. My work has been supporting my supervisor, the Director of Program Management (PM), and the PM staff on their projects.

One of the main projects that I have worked on is creating an electronic up-to-date inventory of current PM staff projects, producing a long-term template for  project data analysis, and engaging in capacity discovery through an interviewing process. Beyond project management, I have been fortunate to be able to work on a legal-related project in compiling, developing, and analyzing the metrics and documentation for a potential legal dispute with a contractor.

How does this internship/scholarship fit with your professional and career goals?

My goal is to work as an attorney for a federal agency after I graduate from law school, so having exposure to a federal agency is very helpful! Although the program management division is focused on projects and not on my primary interest of law, it is still very interesting and a great learning experience.

I hope that working at NCUA continues to help me acquire more experience in the federal agency workplace.

What do you hope to achieve this summer through your scholarship/internship experience?

Last year, I was awarded one of the OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates internship positions, I gained insight into my AAPI identity, inspiration to lead a life dedicated to public service, and an incredible community- I found friendships that will last a lifetime. This year, I hope to gain similar achievements, but with added maturity, depth, and breadth in the process.

Interning in Washington, DC is an invaluable experience, and I am so thankful for the opportunities that DC and the AAPI community provides.

What does public service mean to you?

Public service means giving back to the community– I want to do that through working at a federal agency as an attorney to make positive change on a case-by-case basis and through volunteering with AAPI organizations.

unnamed 2 225x300 CAPAL Intern Spotlight Emily Chong 15What do you consider to be the most interesting thing about you?

Not sure about the most interesting, but in my free time, I like to dance ballet and go exploring!

(Come adventure with me!)

What are you most excited to do in Washington D.C. this summer?

I’m excited to continue exploring the DC metro area! I won’t have as much time to explore DC during the fall and spring, and so I’m trying to scope out all the best food places and free museums to go to.

Emily Chong is a graduate of Vanderbilt University where she double majored in Political Science and Psychology and minored in Corporate Strategy; in the fall, she will be attending Georgetown Law to pursue her dream of working as an attorney for a federal agency. At Vanderbilt, Emily was involved on campus primarily through serving as Co-Cultural Vice President of the Asian American Student Association, Director-General of Secretariat for Vanderbilt’s Model United Nations Conference, and Site Leader for Alternative Spring Break, reflecting her interests in civic service, law, community building, and Asian Pacific American culture. Last summer, she fell in love with DC during her OCA internship, and she is excited to be back in DC this summer as an intern with the National Credit Union Administration. During her free time, Emily enjoys exploring new things, dancing ballet, and going on adventures!

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Taylor is an incoming Senior at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is double majoring in World Literature and Feminist Studies, with a concentration in Law, Politics, and Social Change. Taylor is in the D.C. cohort for the Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment (www.causeusa.org) and is currently a summer interns at the Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership, where she is focusing on development and fundraising, and will be developing the blog content for this summer. Taylor is passionate about issues of representation, coalition between underserved communities, and creating spaces for strength and solidarity around injustices through community activism and public policy. taylor.boutelle [at] capal [dot] org