Career Fair

I’m an employer. How do I sign up for a table?
The deadline to register for the 2013 career fair has passed. To register for the 2014 career fair, please check back on our career fair website in April 2014.
I’m a student/young professional. How do I register for the event?
The 2013 career fair has already passed. To register for the 2014 career fair, please check back on our career fair website in April 2014. There is no cost to register, and attendees do not have to identify as Asian Pacific American.


Joining the CAPAL Team

How do I join CAPAL?
Check out our calendar and come to our upcoming events to get more involved with CAPAL. You can also sign up to volunteer here.
Can I join CAPAL as a member?
CAPAL does not have paid or voting members. You can participate by attending our events, volunteering, or joining the Board of Directors.
How can I join CAPAL’s Board of Directors?
CAPAL generally recruits for new Board members in the Fall. If you are interested in joining the Board, please read about the application process here and fill out an application. We will be in touch regarding further steps. For more information about the Board, visit the get involved page and read bios of the current Board of Directors. 
How can I volunteer with CAPAL?
To sign up to volunteer, please fill out this registration form and indicate your skills and interests. For specific questions, please email We will be in touch!


Scholarships and Internships

When do the internships start and end?
Internship starting dates are negotiated between the placement agency and the student, and generally fall between the end of May and early June. Internships end 10 weeks from the starting date.
What counts as a public service internship?
Any internship in government or a nonprofit organization is considered a public service internship.
My recommendation letter writer is not comfortable sharing their recommendation with me. Can they email the letter to CAPAL?
Yes, they can email their recommendation letter to Please ask your recommender to put your name in the subject line of the email.
Can the same person recommend me for both the Federal Internship and the Public Service Scholarship programs?
Yes, the same person may recommend an applicant for both programs.
Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to apply for an internship or scholarship through CAPAL?
U.S. citizenship is not required for CAPAL’s Federal Internship Program. Permanent Residents, and in some instances, interns with appropriate work visas, are eligible to apply. Specific citizenship and residency requirements may vary by federal agency. CAPAL’s Public Service Scholarships, however, are open to all students, regardless of residency or citizenship status.
Can graduating students apply for an internship or scholarship through CAPAL?
Yes, students graduating in 2014 may apply for CAPAL’s Summer 2014 internship and scholarship programs.
Can graduate students apply for an internship or scholarship through CAPAL?
Yes, graduate students are eligible to apply.
Can incoming students apply for an internship or scholarship through CAPAL?
No, only currently enrolled students are eligible for an internship or scholarship through CAPAL.
Can past interns and scholars reapply?
Yes, past interns and scholars may reapply.
What is the minimum GPA required?
Only applicants with a 3.0 GPA or higher will be considered for an internship or scholarship.
Will housing be provided?
CAPAL does not provide or guarantee summer housing, though we will offer all interns and scholars support and resources during their housing search.
Are the internships and scholarships for CAPAL only open to students who are Asian Pacific American?
CAPAL internships and scholarships are open to students of all identities. However, an individual’s interest and commitment to Asian Pacific American issues will be considered.


Washington Leadership Program (WLP)

Do I have to be a CAPAL intern or scholar to attend WLP?
WLP is free to the public; anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.
When does WLP start and end?
WLP generally starts in June and ends seven weeks from the starting date.
Will food be served during the sessions?
Yes, food will be served at the beginning of each session on a first come first serve basis.
Are there restrictions on what I can bring to WLP sessions?
There are restrictions on what you can bring in the U.S. Capitol Building. Water bottles are not allowed. For more information click here.
Will there be any networking opportunities with the panelists?
Yes, to the extent possible, we will allow time towards the end of each session for the session attendees to speak one-on-one with the panelists. However, not all sessions will have panelists.
Do I need to register?
Yes, please register above. Registration takes minutes and helps us plan the sessions.
Will venues change?
Yes, venues are subject to change. Please check back on our site and register for most updated information on venues.
What is the dress code?
The dress code is business casual, however, some attendees will be coming straight from work and will be in business attire.
I am not Asian American or a Pacific Islander. Can I attend?
Yes, we welcome attendees from all backgrounds. We also welcome students and non-students.