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Apply for the CAPAL Board of Directors today!


CAPAL gave me a great opportunity to shine. Not only was I able to utilize my work skills to promote the mission, but I was able to incorporate my own ideas to surpass a goal that I had only imagined in the beginning of the year.


What is great about being on the Board is that I can be part of the APA community outside of my day job and work towards a great mission. This year it has not only allowed me to develop long lasting friendships and learn more about the importance of leadership in the APA community, but has also given me the opportunity to manage projects and work with a variety of people. There is no doubt that what I learn in my time on CAPAL’s Board will be an asset to me in the future.

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Why you should join

Join CAPAL’s board to broaden your skills and work with a highly motivated team of young professionals interested in building leadership and public policy knowledge among the APA community. You will have the opportunity to lead teams and execute exciting programming that will educate and inspire the next generation of APA leaders.

How to apply

Apply online:

We are accepting applications online, click here and follow the directions to complete the application.

Priority deadline:
September 15, 2013

Regular deadline:
September 30, 2013

Application requirements:
1. Resume
2. Statement of intent (500 words):
Explain why you would like to join the CAPAL Board
3. Skills and programming preference:
Will be collected after an initial review of your application

Frequently Asked Questions

How much commitment does it take?

Every single Board member contributes time, energy, and passion to carry out the mission of our organization. The time commitment will vary throughout the year. Hours may range from a few hours to a over dozen hours a week, depending on the projects you sign up for and time of the year. We realize that some Board members may be more available than others and are respectful of everyone’s professional and personal time outside of CAPAL. Because the Board is a team of all volunteers, we are looking for young professionals who strongly believe in the CAPAL mission and willing to work collaboratively to carry out this mission.

Are all your activities during non-business hours?

The majority of our events are during non-business hours; however, there may be events or business meetings, such as the AAPI Leadership Roundtable Series or meetings with sponsors, that occur during the lunch hour. Since we are all working professionals, activities during business hours are primarily done on an as-available, volunteer basis. We also plan to continue employing a full-time Public Service Fellow to help us staff daytime activities.

Who reviews the 500-word statement?

The current Board reviews the entire application, including the personal statement. We put a lot of effort in matching candidates to the roles that are available and in ensuring that the new Board members are able to get the most out of the CAPAL experience. The statement allows us to understand your level of commitment and priorities.

Who should I contact with additional questions?

Email us at

Can I meet the board?

We will be hosting a happy hour in September for interested candidates to meet and greet the current Board. If you will not be able to join us then, find out more about the current Board and our Advisors here. Feel free to email us at with specific questions.