Letter of Support from Madeleine Z. Bordallo

CAPAL would like to thank Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo, member of the CAPAL Gala Host Committee, for her support of CAPAL and our 25th Anniversary Gala. Below is the text of her letter of support to attendees of the May 9th Gala.

To download Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo’s letter of support, click here.

Hafa Adai,

Welcome to the Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership’s 25th Anniversary Gala to commemorate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. This year marks an important milestone for CAPAL, and I join CAPAL leaders and supporters in celebrating 25 years of CAPAL’s work in providing leadership opportunities to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders throughout the country.

CAPAL has been an important community partner to ensuring that AAPIs have access to opportunities in public service and are able to develop the skills necessary to be engaged and informed on the policy issues affecting the AAPI community. Over the years, CAPAL has been instrumental to connecting young AAPIs with policymakers and public sector leaders, and they continue to provide exceptional opportunities through their Washington Leadership Program and Scholarship and Internship Program. I commend CAPAL for their pioneering work in cultivating political and policy leadership in the AAPI community, and I encourage us all to continue supporting CAPAL and its mission.

Again, I congratulate CAPAL on their 25th anniversary. I wish CAPAL many more years of success, and I look forward to their continued commitment to supporting future generations of AAPI leaders.


Member of Congress