CAPAL Intern Spotlight Simrnjit Seerha ’18

Simrnjit Seerha currently attends American University in Washington, D.C. She is studying Environmental Science and Political Science. This summer she is the CAPAL Office Intern with staff, coordinating programs and events.

What are you excited to learn about during your internship this summer?


I am excited to learn how to incorporate social justice into work. CAPAL is a non-profit that essentially does social justice work by advocating for AANHIP individuals. Despite being a non-profit they still have to raise money to be a functioning organization. I am excited how they efficiently use the resources that they have created or obtained to actualize change! Additionally, I am interested in seeing the inner workings of an organization that is so event oriented – how events are planned, marketed, and then executed. Already, I have seen how much programming and thought goes into an event and I can’t wait to see what else there is to learn!

Why is public service important to you?

As a social justice advocate, I see public service as one avenue of actualizing goals of social justice. Public Service is extremely important to me because it represents standing up for others. Implementing laws and mandates, increasing opportunities for those who are disadvantaged, or solving issues of disparities can be done through public service. I think that my inspiration for my social advocacy is my religion – Sikhism. This religion was founded on principles of equality and later was a ground for creating social change in northern India (predominantly the Punjab area). You could say that public service is just a word for something that I feel is very close to my heart ever since I was little.

What are the projects that you’re working on this summer and how are they connected to your interests in public service?


I will be working on the logistical aspect of numerous project, but I will be particularly responsible for the 2018 Resume and Interview Skills Workshop. Above I mentioned that I am very interested in creating opportunities to those who are disadvantaged, which this workshop will be doing. A main audience of CAPAL is AANHPI individuals (but not limited to) and this group, like other minorities, has not always gotten the proper support in applying to jobs. That is why this event is especially important to me. I want these young professional to feel as if they are prepared and have the proper support to pursue careers that they are passionate about!

What do you do in your free time?

Usually in my free time I am hanging out with my friends, making lists, or reading in nature. When I am with my friends I love spending time discussing books, movies, current events, etc with my friends. I often like playing devil’s advocate about issues just to get a conversation started. If I am not with my friends, I can be found in the woods on a trail pondering about my life or reading a book. As for making lists, that might just be the habit of a slightly anxious person! Making lists eases my minds so that I have time to fully enjoy with my friends or by myself.


What is something that people usually don’t expect or know about you?

Although I seem like a super social person, I can be quite introverted. I love being around my friends and meeting new people, but at the end of the day it is super important to me to have alone time –  charging time. Even when I am with my family or closest friends, after a long day I have to be by myself for at least 30 minutes or I can become easily irritable the next day.


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Simrnjit Seerha currently attends American University in Washington, D.C., double majoring in Environmental Science and Political Science. She is currently apart of SALDEF’s SikhLEAD 2018 cohort. She excited to use the information she is gaining from both internship programs to her future leadership positions. Simrnjit was recently elected Sustainability Chair of her sorority. She hopes to show her sorority and others how easy it can be to make sustainable, environmentally conscious decisions. Besides the environment, Simrnjit’s passions include going on walks/runs, trying new recipes, and watching organizing tutorials on Youtube.