CAPAL Intern Spotlight Richelle Caday ’21


Richelle Caday (she/hers) is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California. This Spring, she has finished her Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology as well as in Non Governmental Organizations and Social Change, with a minor in Organizational Leadership and Management.

What are your main responsibilities at your position? What are some of your big projects? (this can include projects at your internship, your specific CAP project, etc) 

At my internship with Act to Change, I’ve been working on a lot of different projects. Some of my work has included planning antibullying programs and webinars, introducing standard event operating procedures, tracking development via fundraising/donations, and supporting partnerships with other advocacy organizations. My long-term project has been to create annual reports to highlight the organization’s work during 2021 and 2021. Meanwhile, some of the big events I’ve helped plan included our Pride Conversations webinar, our Homeroom with Tan France 2.0 workshop series, and our annual AAPI Youth Conference. For my CAP project, my group and I have been working with the Center for Asian Pacific American Women (CAPAW) to create Project HERstory and reclaim the narratives of AANHPI women who for too long have been excluded from history. Our project will document and share the stories of the diverse, inspiring, and resilient women who comprise CAPAW’s Asian Pacific American Women’s Leadership Institute (APAWLI) fellows.

How does this internship fit with your professional and career goals?

This internship fits perfectly with my professional and career goals by allowing me to gain more exposure to the public service and nonprofit sectors. While learning from a plethora of AANHPI leaders/change-makers and getting connected to various organizations, this internship provides many tools and resources to help me be successful in serving my community and creating social change. With my B.A. in Nongovernmental Organizations and Social Change, this internship allows me to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom into the real world by actually working with advocacy-oriented and community-based organizations.

What do you hope to achieve this summer as a part of CAPAL’s 2021 cohort?

I overall hope to grow by learning how to be a better leader for the AANHPI community, especially while uplifting and forming cross-coalitions with other marginalized communities. I also hope to achieve a lot of professional growth while getting a lot of hands-on experience in the public and nonprofit sectors as well as learning from and networking with other AANHPI professionals/change-makers.

What does public service mean to you?

To me, public service means serving others and giving back to the community. By my definition, that entails acting out of the best interests of the people, especially those who are most marginalized in society and remain the most oppressed by multitudes of systemic issues. Furthermore, it means creating change in hope for a more equitable and inclusive society by meeting the public’s needs for various opportunities, programs, and resources.

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Did you pick up any new hobbies during quarantine, and if so, what are they?

During quarantine I’ve definitely done a lot more cooking while learning a bunch of new recipes! I’ve learned how to make a lot of traditional Filipino food from family recipes, vegan/plant-based foods from my best friend’s vegan cookbooks, and a lot of different Asian dishes from TikTok and the Subtle Asian Cooking Facebook page

What is one country/place you hope to travel to one day? 

It’s a dream of mine to go to Greece and live out my Mama Mia and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants moments!! (Also because I’m a fan of Greek mythology)

What’s one interesting/surprising fact that a lot of people may not know about you? 

I was born three months early — it was basically fate for me to be a Capricorn (along with my mom and my younger brother!)

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