CAPAL Intern Spotlight Baongan Chuor ’21

What are your main responsibilities at your position? What are some of your big projects? (this can include projects at your internship, your specific CAP, etc) 

I am the Legislative Communications Intern with Veterans for American Ideals, a sister program of Human Rights First. I conduct research on US military and diplomatic missions, as well as immigration policies that protect Afghan nationals who served as language interpreters and translators alongside U.S. troops. I also report on policy recommendations for resettling potential Afghan refugees.

How does this internship fit with your professional and career goals? 

I have always been invested in migration policy. I am grateful for the previous opportunities I have had to study East Asian and Latin American migration to the U.S., however, this internship provides me with the opportunity to expand my understanding of migration outside of my regions of previous focus. I am excited to integrate the lessons I learned as a refugee resettlement services volunteer into my policy advocacy with Human Rights First.

What do you hope to achieve this summer as a part of CAPAL’s 2021 cohort? 

I am excited to take on my Community Action Project (CAP) with Act to Change, with whom I will be working to create a Young Ambassadors Program. I have worked on similar projects before, so I look forward to developing a long-standing program and sharing my CAP with my cohort at CAPAL’s Closing Ceremony.

What does public service mean to you? 

As I pursue a career in public service, I see this position of privilege as a responsibility to share with my community the resources that will help keep the lights of our small businesses on and ensure the young people in our neighborhoods receive a robust education.

Did you pick up any new hobbies during quarantine, and if so, what are they?


What’s your favorite book?

The Communist Manifesto 

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Bún bò huế

What is one country/place you hope to travel to one day? 


What’s one interesting/surprising fact that a lot of people may not know about you? 

I have a black belt in Taekwondo.

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