CAPAL Intern Spotlight Jason Wong ’21

What are your main responsibilities at your position? What are some of your big projects? (this can include projects at your internship, your specific CAP, etc) 

This summer I will be interning with the Office of Personnel Management under the Human Capital Data Management and Modernization (HCDMM) department. One of the projects I am working on in my internship is updating and reviewing the Guide to Processing Personnel Action (GPPA). It’s quite exciting to know that my help with the GPPA will affect many agencies as well as many federal employees. For our CAP project, we are working closely with Act to Change, we’ve create a Youth Ambassadors Program with one goal of providing resources to young children on combatting bullying in the AANHPI community. This is work I am extremely grateful and passion for. Personally, I’ve dealt with being bullied for being Asian American as well. A program like this can greatly help change the lives of many.

How does this internship fit with your professional and career goals? 

For awhile, I’ve considered working in the federal government. I haven’t been sure where, but the roundtables and ability to connect to different people in the political, and government realm has greatly help sharpen and mold what I’d love to do in the near future. In addition to having the privilege to connect with so many people with valuable experience, but also have a mentor that is there to help you with professional life such as updating and writing a good resume, to learning how to make connections. The experiences I’ve received in CAPAL is invaluable and something I will take with me throughout my life. 

What do you hope to achieve this summer as a part of CAPAL’s 2021 cohort? 

Being part of this wonderful part of CAPAL’s 2021 cohort, I hope to connect with the other interns, build not only a bond professional but friendship as well. I have confidence and excitement in saying that our CAPAL 2021 cohort will be future leaders, game changers, and people passionate in bringing good to the world.

What does public service mean to you? 

Public service means putting others before yourself. Challenging the status quo and doing something that you think is right for the community.

Did you pick up any new hobbies during quarantine, and if so, what are they?

So, I’ve always been interested in martial arts, more specifically Kung Fu. Over quarantine, I conditioned, practiced Finger push-ups, and would wake up around 5AM four times a week to go to the gym, or run!

What’s your favorite book?

Oh, there are plenty of books that I like, but one that I think can connect to present day is the book: 1984 by George Orwell

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Mom’s homemade food, because nothing can ever beat homemade food. 

What is one country/place you hope to travel to one day? 

There are tons of countries I’d love to visit, but the place I’d want to travel to is Europe. 

What’s one interesting/surprising fact that a lot of people may not know about you? 

I am a HUGE Bruce Lee, Captain America, and Taylor Swift fan. Interesting combination, but I can also do finger pushups! 

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