CAPAL Intern Spotlight Gurmehar Kaur ’22


What are your main responsibilities at your position? What are some of your big projects? (this can include projects at your internship, your specific CAP project, etc)

I have the great opportunity to be the CAPAL Communications and Marketing Office Intern where a majority of my responsibilities include creating a marketing plan and timeline for social media posts. As the Communications and Marketing Office Intern I have to create engaging social media posts while also creating Monthly Metrics analyzing and grabbing data for the different activity which occurs on the social media accounts and which audience and demographics certain posts attract. I also have the responsibility  to create the content plan and content calendar for the summer and also create plans for the organization. I also create different graphics and posts for the social media platforms, while also promoting the virtual events we will have this year for CAPAL. Some projects I have to work on include working with the Act to Change program to reinforce and develop a greater Youth Ambassador Program through Programs Evaluation, Communications and Marketing, and Community Outreach and Recruitment, to educate and raise awareness in the community while also creating future AANHPI youth leaders to create an equal and inclusive environment.



How does this internship fit with your professional and career goals?

My interest to be a lawyer sparked at the young age of nine, when I entered my first debate competition. I felt a thrill debating that I hadn’t felt before in any other club activity. I was eager and excited to step on the podium knocking down my opponents and proudly stating my argument, but I knew that the work of a true lawyer doesn’t just lie in arguing with your opponent. To gain more experience regarding the field of law I attended the Georgetown Summer Law Program in 2018 to grasp the nuances of the legal field, get firsthand experience of visiting the esteemed supreme court, learn about previous cases through professors and lawyers, and participate in a mock trial at the D.C. courthouse. Currently I am also a member of Rutgers Pre-Law Society, Accounting Association, Sikh Student Association, and other club activities out of college, such as my non-profit organization, Royal Weaves. Building off of my experience as an intern for New Jersey Assemblyman, I aspire more one-on-one experience through internships to dive deeper into how public policy works. Through my experience as Marketing Director for the Rutgers Pre-Law Society and Marketing Chair for Rutgers Sikh Student Association, as well as running the marketing affairs of my non-profit I have learned that the best way to interact with people is through marketing and encouraging future career paths for individuals in any career path. Attending this internship program provides me with a platform to contribute to the political and governmental community to aid the AANHPI community. Through this organization, I will rethink law from diverse perspectives and learn from alumni.. I aim to contribute as an intern to help people better establish their relationship with the AANHPI community and create a united community.



What do you hope to achieve this summer as a part of CAPAL’s 2022 cohort?

CAPAL is an organization founded on the principles of advocating for the AANHPI youth, while also empowering AANHPI leaders throughout various different sectors and placing public service opportunities in the hands of the youth. It is aimed to expand the AANHPI name across the United States. I have always attempted to give back to my community whether that be through writing blogs to educate and help young teens facing issues with their background , participating in homeless feedings, educating individuals in New York regarding the history of my religion, or participating in the SALDEF Internship Program. Now I want to expand my horizons and work in the congressional office advocating for the AANHPI community  and one day myself be there as a representative for the AANHPI around the world. Being a part of CAPAL’s 2022 cohort will allow me to explore work done in the congressional office, while also integrating the values of the AANHPI community across our congressional offices and promoting equality for all. This Internship Program will give me an opportunity to share my values, understand the various issues faced by my community, voice those issues and be actively involved in the process of bringing about awareness and change.



What does public service mean to you? What sparked your interest or desire to get involved with public service?

 Selfless service has been a pillar of my life for many years now. I am very fortunate to be born into a Sikh family where the guiding principle of public service is embedded in our core values, founded on the idea of  common good for all.  While I had always worked at soup kitchens, thinking that service meant giving back to the neediest people, the common good for all may include people we don’t see with the raw eye needing help. It also meant giving back to my own community, which I began doing through writing and education. A few months ago, I started writing blogs on struggles which I have faced as a part of the AANHPI community to educate youth on how to fight these battles, while also learning about their background..  Writing blogs provides others with a support system and I aim to continue to be this  support and advocate for the rights of the AANHPI community around the United States.. For two years, I have worked at SALDEF to educate senators, governors, and regular people about Sikhi in order to overcome the misconceptions regarding our religion. Helping powerful people understand the true character of the AANHPI community not only educates them but also helps spread awareness among a larger audience. This inturn bridges the gap and clears any misunderstandings. In order to start a discourse with Americans regarding issues in Kashmir and to help artisans not being able to reach beyond their local market, I began a non-profit called Royal Weaves. At Royal Weaves, we buy shawls –a staple piece of clothing in Kashmir– from Kashmiri artisans and sell them in America, giving all the profit back to the Kahmiri artisans. We also provide handwritten notes containing quotes from Kashmiris about the history of Kashmir, their personal accounts of losing their home, and ways to help. The effects of this exchange have been twofold. From Americans learning more about other cultural issues and raising awareness throughout their communities to people in Kashmir receiving support and money to finally stand on their feet.  For me, public service isn’t an action, it isn’t something that I just do. Public service  is being selfless, which is how I strive to live, without exceptions or personal motive in all my life pursuits.


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