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Thank You for Supporting CAPAL’s Giving Season!

This past year, we raised funds throughout all of December to help us to continue to provide the resources and tools for AANHPI youth to gain access to public service opportunities and become leaders in their own communities. All donations will go directly towards supporting future professional development opportunities, scholarship stipends, and leadership workshops for AANHPI youth. Any support or outreach you can help chip in this holiday giving season will be deeply appreciated. Your invaluable commitment and dedication year after year is the reason why we are able to continue to provide public service opportunities for future AANHPI leaders just like you

To thank every donor who gives this year, we’re excited to share that for every $100 donation and above, we will share a custom CAPAL notebook as a thank-you for your continued dedication and support. 

This year, we raised a total of $12,568 all thanks to community leaders like you! With your support, we will be able to provide even more opportunities for AANHPI students and expand our programming this upcoming year. Thank you for your commitment towards supporting the AANHPI community!

Our Impact

John Hoang '21 S&I Alumni

My understanding of public service went beyond what I was taught in textbooks and what I had learned within my own experiences, CAPAL did everything they could to widen my perspective on every topic I can imagine, including my identity and my personal relationship with it. I had the opportunity to introduce Congressman Ted Lieu, do an Instagram takeover for CAPAL, and being able to host multiple social nights for the CAPAL board and S&I. I will forever treasure my experience with CAPAL and will be more forever grateful for the abundance of gifts, memories, and learning experiences that I was granted.

Vanessa Tufaga '21 S&I Alumni

I can say that with CAPAL there is genuine intention in not only programming, but open dialogue and representation. There were so many validating experiences with my cohort and board members alike, that I never felt left out of the conversation. I also was able to understand the perspectives of other AA people and their experiences with specific policies and matters in the U.S. So much can get lost in our bunched group, but in CAPAL we were able to talk about those intricate issues.


Thank You to our 2021 Donors!

         John Hoang

         Karen Pollitz

        Michelle Long

         Soo Rho

         Raheem Farishta

        Ryan Ko

         Stanley Kober

       Maria Goodavage

          Mylynh Nguyen

         Abeeha Shamshad

        Sarita & Joseph Boyd

        Mayura Iyer

       Camille Sanchez

          Tenzing Chewang

       Tonia Bui

         Mecca Mcpherson

        Catt Phan

        Blia Vang

         Levi Lovang

           Margaret Gallagher

         Hung Pham

        Sunshine Xiong

    True Yang

        Kongcheng Thao

      Isaiah Vang

    TJ Flores

    Tung Doan

       Stephanie Cheng

     Ryan Young

    Judy Mine

   Elana Tee

   Josh Ho

     Emil Trinidad

   Ade Kyoshi

     Andy LoPresto

    Paul Suh

     Julie Tomanpos

Mary Lynn

Chi Nguyen

Meredith Frame

Jason Martinez

Hye Yeong Kwon

Diem Nguyen

Denise Lew

Gisela Kusakawa

Joe Perez

Jackii Wang

Mary Tablante

Jonnalyn Camba

Oh Mar

Jacqueline Yin

Shaima Ahmad

Chingcha Vang

Renee Sung

Yothfa Bounnavong

E Her

Meng Xiong

Jerry Lee

Cheng Vang

Yahoo Yang

Mai Soua Chang

TJ Yang

Kolby Keo

Daud Ahmad

Sam Umbarton

Michelle Nguyen

John Kusano

Jordan Choy

Skye Pekerti

Zhao Bo Mei

Mai Chi Tran

Jasmeet Seehra

Laura Konisek

Thao Tran

AmyJean Fry

Yasuhiro Kusakawa

Emily Chi

Timothy Roller

Eileen Yamada Lamphere

Annette Lee

Carla Cleveland

Vivin Qiang

Jasper Diaz

Megan Swiatowski

Morgan Vasquez

David Kawamoto

Lisa Campell-Thomton

Ana Ma

Ari Pak

TJ Vue

Nung Yang

Ka Lee

Ricky Souvannasane

Peter Moua

Chuaty Vang

Suzanne Finman

Nalee Xiong

Shin Shin Hsia

Cheeneng Vang

Ting Lin

Allen Lo

Javan Santos

Lauren Matsumoto

Zoey Ruan

Batool Chaudhry

Vivian Mac

Jasmine Chan

Andy Yip

Bao Nhia Moua

Karman Chao

Rachel Ann Bulosan

Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership (CAPAL) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.