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It has been over 30 years since the start of CAPAL in 1989. Education and opportunities for AANHPI young people is an essential part of the AANHPI public service pipeline; contributing to this essential part is the breath of life for CAPAL. In hopes to continue this work this year and for years forward, we humbly request your generous donation as education is power, and opportunities provide invaluable direction for AANHPI young people. This year especially, your support for CAPAL is vital to our success and mission.

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“While this summer certainly looked different because everything was remote, I’m so grateful and proud of CAPAL for their tenacity and fast-action to ensure me and my cohort were still able to take part in these amazing experiences. From WLPs to cohort sessions, CAPAL board socials to mentoring relationships, career coaching to CAP partnerships, I’m so proud of everything the CAPAL staff, board, volunteers, mentors, partners and especially my S&I cohort did. I didn’t realize I would be able to survive this summer, but you all made it possible. Not just that, but you’ve given me a pathway that connects to a future which aligns with my life mission, a future where I can see myself feeling fulfilled and happy, and a future I’m fulling prepared to work towards.”

-Alice Yu, 2020 Scholar


With your support, CAPAL is able to provide internship experiences to students like Alice each summer regardless of the circumstances. For our scholars and interns, we provide more than financial assistance for an internship. Our scholars and interns attend our Washington Leadership Program (a panel series with AANHPI professionals), Cohort Bonding Sessions, complete Community Action Projects with AANHPI partner non-profits to contribute to more direct impact, and are paired with a mentor with a professional background within their interest.


Donate now as we seek to empower Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) youth by increasing access to public service opportunities and building a strong AANHPI public service pipeline. CAPAL envisions a future with equitable AANHPI representation throughout all levels of government and public service.

CAPAL’s Leadership Circle is a monthly pledge of $25 or more.

CAPAL’s Executive Leadership Circle is a monthly pledge of $50 or more.

As part of the Leadership Circle, you will receive:

  • Acknowledgment on our website and one newsletter
  • Acknowledgement on Closing Ceremony event brochures
  • Advance notice of special CAPAL events
  • Chuck Cao
  • Michael Dee
  • Elizabeth Jung
  • Ryan Lee
  • Camille Lorenzana
  • Alma Pronove
  • Charlene Ramos
  • Cathy Yu
  • Billy Lim
  • Dakota Pekerti
  • Jackii Wang
  • Joyce Hwang
  • Kyle Livingston
  • Melonie Stewart
  • Hoan Huynh
  • Kolby Keo
  • Bao Nhia Moua
  • Nisha Kurani
  • Thao Tran
  • Evelyn Ng
  • Viraj Patel
  • Carrie Kagawa
  • Andrew Kim
  • Anonymous
  • Ryan Ko
  • Mylynh Nguyen
  • Chantale Wong
  • Ann Cassie Duong
  • Scholarship and leadership programming
  • Free admission for greater AANHPI young people population interested in public service to CAPAL’s
    • Washington Leadership Program
    • Professional Development Events
    • Tours and info sessions
  • CAPAL’s general operations

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